Interview with Daria of Boutique Cafe

by Amy Shearer of Journal Modiste

I was honored when Daria asked me to be interviewed for her podcast show, Boutique Cafe. She is such a friendly person to talk to that I felt right at ease (okay after a few minutes of trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach).

For those of you that don't know, Boutique Cafe is a fun website where you can download and listen to interviews with various guests, including one with me. There is also a forum where you can chat about the shows and a fashion show section where she will highlight outfits from designers.

Here is my interview with her.

Name, rank and serial number :)

Daria Muirhead, baby_brigs_originals on eBay, Kids - Dylan 11 years, Joshua 4years, Brigham 3 years, Noah 10 months, Hubby is Nathan - married 5 years, Selling on eBay 4 years.

JM: Daria, what prompted you to create Boutique Cafe?

DARIA: I love the children's boutique community on eBay and also mainstream boutique clothing. I wanted to create a place for designers, buyers and just admirers to come and feel at home. I also wanted to be able to help Mom's know what was in style for their children as well as discuss topics important to Mom's in general. The idea for Boutique Café started several years ago and evolved from my original plan into a podcast format. Now we have a weekly show and it's the culmination of some of my favorite things - fashion, children, motherhood, media, design, and friendship.

JM: How did you first hear about podcasting and when did you decide to create a podcast show?

DARIA: I first heard about podcasting several months ago when my husband Nathan rushed to me and exclaimed that podcasting was HOT and that I should consider doing a show. At first I was skeptical, wondering if I could do a good job at it as there as so many shows out there in podcasting land. But I listened to a few other shows and got bitten by the podcast bug - I knew that our Boutique community needed something like this and after many many months of sleepless nights and binge eating Boutique Café was born.

From Boutique Cafe: "The word "podcast" is a fusion of the words "iPod" and "broadcast" and describes a new communication medium that can contain audio, video, graphics and more. "Podcasting" is a way of publishing podcasts, enabling people to subscribe to a podcast and receive new "episodes" automatically for playback on their computer or MP3 player at their own convenience."

JM: How long has it taken you to put it together?

DARIA: It's taken 4 or 5 months of planning, web design, interviewing, producing, learning to use recording equipment and learning to get the shows online for everyone worldwide.And still the learning curve continues.

JM:What is your long term vision for the show?

DARIA: Long term I would love to see Boutique Café as a top contender in the podcast world, we have a unique community and a tight knit group, I think our listeners are excited to be able to meet their favorite designers, hear their voices and get to know their personalities. I hope that designers and listeners alike will continue to support us and want their talents and interests to be featured on the show and website.The main goal is to bring children's couture to a whole new level of consciousness and bring our favorite designers into the worldwide spotlight - with podcasting this is not only possible but highly probable. It's very exciting!

JM: What kind of topics are you going to be featuring in the future?

DARIA: As far as future topics go, well we want to continue bringing great designers on the show and letting the listenership get to know them and what makes them tick. We plan on a series of organizational and motivational shows to help us all get our homes and lives running the way we want them to. We'll have some special celebrity interviews that are currently in the works. We will also be showcasing some of the cutest kids who model and who are looking for a break into the industry. We're brimming over with ideas and we also have a great audience that loves to email us and let us know what they would love to hear, so keep your suggestions rolling in - we love feedback!

JM:How are you hoping to promote the show?

DARIA: Promotion is so much fun but the best kind of promotion is word of mouth. I hope that our listeners tell everyone they know about us and feel like they can't miss an episode. We'll also be featured on other podcasts, links and banner ads, web advertising and the list goes on. We have many promotional plans in the works to generate an interest in Boutique out there and give our listeners a break from reality to relax and enjoy a cup of couture.

JM: Anything else you want to add?

DARIA: I just want to thank all of our supporters and friends for listening to our first few shows of Boutique Café. We've had a huge response and mountains of feedback. It's been a joy to bring these shows to everyone, I'm thrilled that they are being enjoyed and that people find them entertaining and useful too. Be sure to keep coming by the website and listening each week - we have some amazing shows coming up. Oh, and be sure to sport your Boutique Café banners to get the word out, we're going to change children's couture and help make these talented designers recognized and celebrated. Thanks also to Journal Modiste and Amy for being such a great supporter of us right off that bat, I'm very honored to have this opportunity to share my dream with so many of you.

To find out more about Boutique Cafe and to listen to the interview with me visit:

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